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Mary Jane Fashion looks at some of the best all-natural travelling essentials. As the weather begins to turn and winter begins to roll in, many of us are jetting off on getaways to 
find one last week of warmth or fun before winter really takes grip. With hot places like the Caribbean, North Africa and the Canary Islands are all popular destinations, whilst others take the opportunity to see winter where it really is winter, with trips to wonderlands like Scandinavia, Iceland and other equally cold climates (shop styles for these Here)

Wherever you end up going this winter, be sure to have your beauty travel essentials. We’ve selected some fabulous organic products for you to consider taking with you. More than ever, people are turning to organic toiletries because they offer the high-quality results that mainstream brands bring, but contain none of the chemical nasties.

Deodorant – Weleda

Deodorant is not just a travelling essential but is an all-year round necessity to ensure that you smell and feel completely fresh. We love the Wild Rose deodorant from Weleda which is made from Amyris, Cabreuva, Geranium, Neroli, Rose absolute and Ylang Ylang to create a lovely botanical 
bouquet. The oils effectively neutralise bad smelling bacteria in the armpits and on the feet for 5 to 9 hours; this is different to an antiperspirant that prevents the skin from sweating by clogging up pores with harmful aluminium salts. Weleda is a renowned organic beauty brand that has been around since the 1920s, which is certified by Demeter, an international biodynamic accreditation body. 
Many of their products, including this deodorant, are vegan-friendly and thanks to the 100% natural ingredients, are suitable for people of all ages and skin types. You will feel fresh and smell beautiful, perfect for long flights and days of adventures in foreign countries.

 Wet wipes - Natracare

No travelling beauty kit should be complete without a packet of wet wipes. Many wipes products, however, are made from harsh plastics that can be sore for skin and are not biodegradable, damaging the environment long after they are thrown away. Natracare wipes offer an organic alternative, made from certified organic cotton that is soft to the touch and will biodegrade. They will also cleanse your skin delicately thanks to their infusion of Calendula, Rose and Chamomile. 
These light aromas will ensure that your skin is treated with care and attention, without any of the harsh chemicals and parabens found in mainstream brands. You can use these to give your face a quick wash after a flight or for after a long day of exploring a new place. 

Detangler – Aubrey Chia

Detangler is a leave-in conditioner that will keep your hair nourished and un-frizzy when you’re travelling. We love this Aubrey Chia Detangler in particular because it doesn’t contain any plastics or silicones many other hair products use to create a high-quality finish. The detangler is protein-rich, containing organic Chia seed oil that has naturally high levels of Omega 3. As a result, hair is left shiny, frizz-free and protected from heat-application. The bottle will fit neatly into your luggage and will be brilliant for when you need a hair pick-me-up before venturing out for dinner.

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