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 Want to provide your sunglasses with a perfect care? Learn common mistakes of eyewear maintenance and never repeat them!

1. You use wrong tools

It’s important to clean your eyewear regularly and eliminate dirt, which accumulates there daily. It’s even more important to clean your custom glasses with proper tools such as microfiber cloth.Paper tissues, cotton fabric, or your fingers aren’t the best decision because they leave scratches on your lenses.

2. You use harsh detergent

In order to keep your sunglasses clean, you also need to use some kind of a cleaning agent. You can purchase a cleaning agent, designed specifically for sunglasses. You can also use a regular dish soap, which doesn’t contain lotion or harsh detergents because they can damage the coating of lenses.

3. You store improperly

Improper storage is one of the most common mistakes of sunglasses maintenance; moreover, improper storage is one of the worst sources of damage. You should always place your custom glasses in a hard storage case, which will protect your favorite eyewear from scratches, breakage, and other unpleasant situations.

4. You use as hair accessory

Many people wear sunglasses on their head without even realizing what damage it causes. Sunglasses are meant for your eyes, and you start having problems when you use them for a different reason. Your eyewear can stretch and start to lose shape basically becoming useless.

5. You ruin perfect fit

When you purchase sunglasses, you try to find a pair, which fits you perfectly. Unfortunately, sunglasses tend to lose their shape and comfortable fit if you handle them improperly. We
recommend being gentle with your wear and avoiding actions, which can stretch, bend or ruin the shape of your sunglasses!

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  1. Ja okulary noszę od lat takie same:) z bazarku:D

  2. Świetny temat. Czasami nie przykładamy wagi do tego jak właściwie dobrane okulary mogą wpłynąć na nasz wzrok. Przede wszystkim pamiętać trzeba, że okulary to nie tylko fajny dodatek i ozdoba, ale też zabezpieczenie przed promieniowaniem słonecznym. Tak naprawdę noszenie zwykłych, plastikowych okularów jest jeszcze bardziej szkodliwe niż nienoszenie ich wcale. Ochrona i odpowiednie dbanie o nasze okulary to również bardzo ważny aspekt.

  3. Your tips are good and I try always to be gentle to my sunglasses :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Great tips! I do prefer to protect myself by a summer hat!

  5. Very interesting post!! Thanks for share it!

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