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 Never take your sunglasses off? Learn in which cases you should never wear your eyewear.

Sunglasses have become a very important article in the fashion industry. Nowadays eyewear is extremely popular among men and women as a protection feature for our eyes

and a fashionable accessory. There is an etiquette of wearing sunglasses because sometimes it’s improper to have your custom glasses on:

1. When conducting business

It’s extremely rude to wear sunglasses when conducting business, even if the meeting isoutside and the sun shines outrageously bright. According to the etiquette, the person you’re talking with should see your eyes. So, show good manners to your business partner!

2. When it’s dark outside

Sunglasses were designed to protect our eyes from exposure to UV rays and preventserious health issues connected with the sun radiation. If there is no sun outside, there is no need to wear sunglasses – it’s very simple. P.S. You can wear sunglasses during nighttime only if you’re a spy!

3. When having a conversation

As we’ve already established, it’s important to see the eyes of the person you’re talking with. That’s why you should take your custom glasses when having a conversation. When you

don’t see eyes of your partner in conversation, you can’t see the expression of the feelings on the face and start feeling uncomfortable.

4. When being indoors

The etiquette says that it’s impolite to wear sunglasses when being indoors. So, once you step inside the building, you should say “good bye” to your eyewear for some time. The only exception is if you have the medical prescription from the doctor to wear sunglasses all the time.

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