Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend

Modern fashion industry shocks us with new trends and styles. It looks like we all need to throw away our closets and hurry up to buy completely new looks. Velvet, sparkles, tinsel capelets, emblems, suits, and long sleeves – here are some most popular fashionable tendencies, which will turn your world upside down. Our professionals from the best hair salon in NYC are ready to help you to define what style you should stick to and what haircut you should wear.


Soft, shiny, and beautiful material usually associated with the renaissance, castles, kings, and queens. In combination with long sleeves and sparkling belts, it creates a charming vintage look. The perfect match for such dress will be a tucked in hair, with a stylish choker. In addition, wearing this hairstyle, you will never get cold. Your hair will keep your throat in warm.


Tinsel is a perfect choice for those girls, who like parties 24/7. Fabulous, daring, and chic skirts, coats, and dresses will draw everybody`s eyes to you, no matter whether you are catching a taxi or having a dinner at the most expensive restaurant in your city. Complete your look with soft, little bit careless waves, teased with salt spray, and it is done!

Striped suits

If you are strict, independent womаn, official striped suits are for you. Making a sleek bun to finish this extraordinary look, you will underline your determined character and strong personality.

Visit our best hair salon in NYC to find out more interesting and fashionable looks of this season. 


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