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Hairstyles are not about length

Hair length doesn’t restrict the variety of styles you can have at any point. Hair salons in New York City comment on this positively. Short hair is a great tool to build a catchy and sexy image. We are going to highlight some trendy haircuts for the short hair in this article which can be easily made in any salon.
Renew your short hairstyle with some trendy ideas

1. Waterfall braid

A gorgeous hairstyle, which is perfectly enhanced with blonde hair. You can make it on a single side or on both to finish them elegantly meeting at the back of your head. You can make it yourself with just a texturizer and bobby pins. Apply some texturizer on the brushed hair for some grip, take the front hair section, and separate it into three locks. Start doing a regular French braid, but then cross the middle section under the top one. Drop the bottom section and replaced it with a new piece picked right behind. Continue crossing until you get to the back of your head, and then just pin it.

2. Beach waves during any season

This look is made with a pretty simple technique and, obviously, requires a sea salt spray. Apply some heat protector on your hair and then just curl it with an iron. Hold it horizontally to make bouncier waves. When finished, use the sea salt spray to strengthen the curls and give them a beachy look.

3. Lasting Curls

You can give your short hair some lasting curls and additional volume which looks fantastic. Apply some gel or mousse for volume and work it from the roots. Blow dry your hair and then create some significant volume with a round brush starting at the crown of your head. Use the end of the comb to section your hair with some sectioning clips. Use some setting spray on every lock you will curl with an iron. Start curling away from your face. Loosen your curls and use the hairspray.

Visiting a salon is not obligatory. You need to practice for a while to start making these styles by yourself easily.



  1. I think it's very good idea to make shorter hair more beautiful :)

  2. świetny wpis :) z każdej długości włosów można zrobić bardzo interesujące fryzury :)
    pozdrawiam i zapraszam na nowy wpis :)

  3. Świetne propozycje fryzur. Nie trzeba mieć wcale długich włosów by stworzyć tak wspaniałe i modne fryzury. Potrzeba tylko odrobiny wprawy i chęci ;)

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  8. Ja niestety teraz żadnej fryzurki sobie nie zrobię : ) Ale fajnie znaleźć tyle inspiracji. Pozdrawiam :) I obserwuje !

  9. Waterfall braid is so beautiful.

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  11. This is so true! I love these hairstyles for shorter hair! :)

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    That hairstyle is great, it's like a dream
    Love braids!

  14. I knowthat the hairstyles is not about lenght but I don´t have idea that how to style my hair whenis short so prefer the short wigs

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