Sunday, 29 January 2017

Styling Tips For Hat Wearers

Every time you decide to put on your favorite hat, you have to consider the fact that your hair needs special treatment at this moment. Of course, winter is meant for knitted scarves, hats, and warm hugs. But the question remains: how should you style your locks underneath the hat? Our professionals at the best hair salon in NYC offer you three interesting hairstyling ideas for you to stay beautiful and attractive even in cold, windy weather.

The universal trick

No matter how long is your hair, whether it is curly or wavy, colored or natural, this hair trick will work in any case. First of all, you have to pull your hair behind your ears. Then, put on your hat over your hair and don’t forget to hide your ears from frost. This simple and universal style will fit any image and make you look stylish and classic.

No curls

If you decided to curl your locks and the noticed that it is snowing outside, don’t be upset, there is a way out. Use a curling iron only from ear level to the ends. Thereby, the warm hat will not destroy your Hollywood curls, and your scalp and hair follicles are safe and sound.

Soft look

If you have some kind of a short hair or wear a ponytail, it would be better for you to let a few strands to peek out from underneath the hat. It will provide you with much softer and womanish look.

Treat your hair right with our tips, and stay beautiful! 



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